Brief History:

Adair County Fair was first organized in the mid-August 1884 by the Adair County Agricultural Association in Columbia that lasted for four days. Since then there was no looking back and the success stories continue for the fair. Not only the Association, various businessmen, organizers, and clubhouses also helped the board members to organize the county fair. There are 13 board of members who actively participate in organizing the Adair County Fair and ensure its tremendous success every year. Every year the county fair is organized in order to promote livestock followed by various educational presentations, extemporaneous speaking, and working exhibits. click here for more details.


Adair County Fair had a very rich history of culture and events. The main objective of the County Fair is to promote farm and agricultural products. It also aims to enhance the interest of local farmers and businessmen in the agricultural industry and products. It is an extensive agricultural exhibition that not only promotes agricultural products but also includes an amphitheater, racecourse, music, and judges stand and stock barn. There was a huge food court for families. After many years, the fair remains one of the reunion and homecoming events in Adair County enjoyed by all the local and regional people. Many clubs, organizers, businesses, parents and county supervisors contribute their precious time create the fair and assure its success by participating in various shows.

Adair County Fair & Improvements:

There are multiple improvements that were made to the County Fair to make it more informative and meaningful for local farmers and businessmen. With strong and important motive it also promotes fun activities for families and children, horse show, open shows from baked goods and quilts to antique cars and tractor shows etc.

Adair County Fair & Activites:

The County Fair includes various activities to attract the crowd which includes Adair County Fair Queen and King and Cute Little Miss and Little Mister, Firework Show, Pet Show, the Bill Riley Talent Show. for further details, visit :

History of Adair County fair

I would like to inform you that the upcoming Adair County Fair is scheduled to be held from July 18 – 22, 2018 at Greenfield, Iowa. If you are planning to participate in the upcoming county fair then get ready to participate in one of your favorite activity. The fair will also provide you an extensive knowledge of agricultural innovations, agricultural products followed by various entertaining events. I hope everyone is going to enjoy the experience and make the most of memories this year and many more.


1.Adair County Fair King and Queen Judging
2.Fashion Revue/Clothing Selection Judging
3.Livestock Entry & Weighing
4.Quilt Show Entry: Varied Industries Building
5.Supreme Showman Written Test
6.Dog Show
7.Crops Contest: Swine Show
8. Free BBQ Hamburger/Pork Burger Meal
9.Silent Auction
10.Little Miss and Little Mister Adair County
11.Local Conservation Awards – Adair County Soil and Water Conservation District Committee
12. Adair County Extension & Outreach Recognition Award
13. Adair County Fair King and Queen
14.Fireworks – Creston Shooters Pyrotechnics
15.Swine Show

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