Adair country fair, my own experience.

The next Adair country fair is still a few months away, but the buzz has already started to roll, well why not, The fair is one of the best when it comes to fun., I still remember this year fair held from July 19-23 in 2017.when I took my grandma for the first time, she still talks about the fair and wants to visit there next year also.

When can you visit again?

The next fair is about to start from July 18 – 22. 2018, in GREENFIELD, IOWA and the schedule is already out.

What can you expect every year?

Well,I have been attending, the fair from last 5 years and let me tell you that each year brings some new creativity, No matter if you are a kid or adult, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Here is what I love about the fair-

>Livestock show 

>Veterans clubs 

>Various sports

>sewing and Quilters clubs 

>Poultry competition 

>barrel racing

>Horse races 

>Tractor Pull 

>Demolition car derby 

>fried food, candy- bats 

Drum stick-fried butter and many more.A day spent in Adair County fair

Prices are also affordable Surely, the prices of the fair are really basic and affordable the normal tent price for camping was$15 when we tent this year per night, also fair vendor price is $25 for county residents and $75 for out of county residents, for other prices you can check the fair website. click here for more details.

What should you wear?

A visit to the Adair fair is really great in June, but with an extra probability of summer thunderstorms, summer sun or a heavy rain can make you think about the clothes unless you are an elected official or a wannabe, a casual country cloth is advisable, the young females can wear general cowboy boots to enjoy the night concerts.Well, dress the

way you like.

You can also visit other tourist attractions near the fair

There are other tourist attractions near the fair like Iowa aviation museum, which is located one mile north of Greenfield.we visited that one time this year.also warren cultural center is also great it also has an auditorium, art gallery, also few rooms rent-able for the stay.

Enjoy the Bright days and starry nights

The fair is great for everyone, come and join the party with your friends and connect with the community, Nights are shiny with coloring lights, campfire and night music.For many people Adair country fair is a great highlight of summer, from free barbeques to crazy competitions,everything is just created for fun. for further details, visit :

Why I visit each year?

There are tons of daily in the festival, from free music to live shows, and extra activities, .Guest can able to find everything they look for, the fair is for both outdoor and indoor celebration, which both young and old can enjoy. You can drink the beer with your friends, paint the memory with the pictures.Whether you want to do a post them on Instagram or take them with you, the fair is welcoming for everyone

Few last words

Bring some smile, patience, appetite, dancing shoes and your freedom, this fair is the adventure you won’t forget…

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It’s time to come visit Iowa on July 18 to 22, 2018 because of their amazing Adair County Fair. Not only will you fall easily in love with the scenic local surroundings and its friendly inhabitants, but you would get to join in on one of their liveliest activities of the season.

If you’re looking to experience some country fun, here’s 4 reasons why you should go visit the Adair County Fair & Horse Show this summer:

1. The Shows

The fair doesn’t just have a show, they have tons of it. You can go see or join the different categories from the Best In’ Show which showcases lots of varying talents. You can enter antiques that have been with you since forever, or show your most valuable (or weirdest, if that’s your thing!) collection. You can show off your best batch of flowers or your best recipe for baked goods. With so many different categories to choose from, there’s bound to be an interesting array of goodies to look at, all competing for that elusive blue ribbon.

There’s also the Horse Show to look forward to where you can watch the horses and riders do jumps and wow their audiences.

2. The Contests

This county fair wouldn’t be complete without its many contests. Always looking for a queen and king for every summer, watch the young people of Adair County showcase their beautiful looks and pleasing personalities on stage. The Adair County Fair King and Queen Contest plus the Little Miss and Mister Adair County is a great way to let the kids have their own fun, and show off their talents. Plus, you get to see little two year olds strut their stuff in the costumed Baby Show. for more details, visit :

Adair County Fair and Horse Show

If you’re not into personality contests, no need to fret. You can watch or join more thrilling and fun activities like the Rodeo and the Donkey Races.

3. The Food

What’s a fair without some food? Enjoy a wide selection of yummy, comfort food from all the fair vendors stationed on the grounds. This is a great chance to scarf down some juicy hotdog and drink ice cold lemonade while going around.

And don’t forget the barbecue! All the activities start with a welcoming and friendly barbecue on the first day, complete with a live band that’ll play awesome tunes while you’re there. This is the perfect way to meet some locals and enjoy their delicious dishes.

4. The Derby

Young or old, you can now enjoy seeing some awesome set of wheels get beaten and smashed in this county fair’s Demolition Derby. Watch four different categories battle it out in their arena: small cars, big cars, no weld small cars, and no weld big cars. This is really a great, adrenaline-filled attraction for the adults!

Not only is it a great show to watch but they even have their own version for the little kids. Kids Power Derby lets children ages 3 to 10 ride their own kiddie cars and battle each other by popping their opponent’s balloon. Now, that’s what I call some fantastic fun!

By joining in on the fun here at Iowa, you’re not only getting some great country fair experience; but you’re also helping others out. The Adair County Fair recently launched its foundation that aims to provide better education and facilities to their youth and community. So, if there’s one more reason to join this fair, it’s because it’s all made of big ol’ country love.…

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Welcome to Greenfield, Iowa, home to the Adair County Fair also known as Adair Fair. Every year the beginning of the summer holiday break signals the arrival of the Adair County Fair. A five-day fun filled affair in the town of Greenfield, Iowa. The next one is expected to be held between July 18 – 22, 2018.

A county fair is an exhibition of equipment, animals, sports and fun activities, and the Adair county fair is no exception. It’s a fun filled five-day affair with amusement parks, petting zoo, best animal shows, 4-H, rodeo, demolition derby and BBQ as all good American ought to have. A ticket for one day may be purchased for $7 or you can get a five-day pass for $30, children tickets are further discounted. It is good to note that each day has a different highlight.

On Wednesday, the main highlight is usually a free Barbeque provided you bought a ticket for the day and there will be live music courtesy of the RBJ Band during and after the barbeque and afterwards it will be followed by the Adair County Little Mister & Queen Contest. The following day featured a pro pulling show by the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League at 7pm. The show features a number off extreme vehicles and super talented pulling drivers. The show involves eight different class four vehicles such as super modified tractors, pro modified 4WD trucks, modified 2WD trucks, pro stock tractors, hot rod semi etc. with a minimum weight of 6000lbs it is a sight to behold. And not worth missing. for more details, visit :

Adair County Fair Schedule of Events

Friday features the Dairy Land Celebrity Donkey Races which is a fun race with actual donkeys in which contestant dress up and go through an exciting 5 round elimination tournaments for the victor. It is a safe and exciting game that has toured over the country and this could be your chance to see t if you haven’t seen it as of yet. The Saturday of the fair features a demolition derby. A demolition derby usually involves of five or more drivers intentionally ramming into one another. The winner of the tournament is the driver with an operational car. It is usually held in a dirt track or an open field soaked in water to create a muddy environment to further slow down the vehicles. The main and final event is a rodeo tournament and it is opening to everyone with cash prizes up for grabs. The rodeo entails the following events Bare Back Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Bull Riding, Steer Wrestling, Girls Barrel Racing, Team Roping & Open, Over Forty & Breakaway Calf Roping.

In addition to all of the above a camping area is also open to the public for rent, there are two main options a camping area with electricity and another area without electricity. It is good to book earlier as lots are given out based on how early you reserved and then the other spaces will go to those on the waiting list before the are given out to late comers.

The event is a fun time with various attractions including theme rides, circus attraction and vendors are advised to please register for a space rental as soon as possible, everyone is invited and welcome to the Adair County Fair.…

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Start planning for the Adair County Fair next July in Iowa

The Adair County Fair is held every year in Greenfield, Iowa. It attracts visitors from all over the United States, since it includes activities of interest for all family members. The grounds and buildings are kept in great shape and the organisers plan and promote the activities and events, so they are of great quality and well attended. The cost of admission is affordable and the grandstand is included, says Elaine Bohling. You can purchase a day pass, or a pack of 5 one day tickets for a reduced price on the daily pass.

The 2017 fair was awarded the Blue Ribbon Fair’ Award by the Board of Directors of the Association of Iowa Fairs. The Adair County Fair was chosen to receive the award from all the Fairs in the Association’s Southwest District.

The 2018 Schedule for Adair County Fair will run between the 18 and the 22 July, so start planning and keep those days free to attend this award-winning event.

Fundraising ensure the success of the fair

There is a Calendar sale taking place to raise funds for the 2018 Adair Fair. You can also contact a member of the board and start planning your visit to the fair’s ground in July 2018. They create events on Facebook with detailed information and you can read the comments of the participants. According to this event , if you are unable to meet up with a Fairboard member, there are some calendars available at Trinity Salon and Day Spa, The Corner, and Nodaway Valley Ag Center. In this way you support the Adair County Fair, get your beautiful 2018 calendar for planning your year ahead and give yourself a chance to win from $25 to $1,000. Calendars are $25 each in support of the Adair County Fair. You can find more details on the Fair’s homepage at

How can you participate

If you are a resident, you might want to take part as a vendor or participate with your children or your pet in one of the beauty pageants. You can find a list of activities in the Fair’s website

If you come from neighbouring towns, there are Camping facilities on the Fair’s grounds.

Some of the most popular activities at Adair Fair

Based on the 2017 fair, this is what some of the attendants had to say about:

Schedule 2017 - Adair County Fair

Tractor Pull

Samuel Schwartz said: “Tractor pull was pretty awesome tonight! Heard the fashion show wasn’t too bad either”


The numerous pageants at the show include, a baby, tiny-tots, pre-teens, Teens and Miss Adair County pageants. 

There was also a Cattle Show, a Floral Hall and the annual Coca-Cola talent show. You can see photos from the 2017 events at

Why should you participate?

Not only you will spend some wonderful family time in a well-maintained country environment in contact with nature, but you will also have the facilities to enjoy the fair in style. It is a compilation of different events all in one place that welcome all ages, so you can relax knowing that there is something for everyone from the babies of the family to the most senior members.

There are money prizes awarded to the winners of the different events. In 2017 there was a $5 gate charge for patrons to view the pageants and shows.

Prepare your schedule so that 2018 includes a stay at the Adair County Fair!


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