Adair County Fair and Horse Show

Adair County Fair and Horse Show

It’s time to come visit Iowa on July 18 to 22, 2018 because of their amazing Adair County Fair. Not only will you fall easily in love with the scenic local surroundings and its friendly inhabitants, but you would get to join in on one of their liveliest activities of the season.

If you’re looking to experience some country fun, here’s 4 reasons why you should go visit the Adair County Fair & Horse Show this summer:

1. The Shows

The fair doesn’t just have a show, they have tons of it. You can go see or join the different categories from the Best In’ Show which showcases lots of varying talents. You can enter antiques that have been with you since forever, or show your most valuable (or weirdest, if that’s your thing!) collection. You can show off your best batch of flowers or your best recipe for baked goods. With so many different categories to choose from, there’s bound to be an interesting array of goodies to look at, all competing for that elusive blue ribbon.

There’s also the Horse Show to look forward to where you can watch the horses and riders do jumps and wow their audiences.

2. The Contests

This county fair wouldn’t be complete without its many contests. Always looking for a queen and king for every summer, watch the young people of Adair County showcase their beautiful looks and pleasing personalities on stage. The Adair County Fair King and Queen Contest plus the Little Miss and Mister Adair County is a great way to let the kids have their own fun, and show off their talents. Plus, you get to see little two year olds strut their stuff in the costumed Baby Show. for more details, visit :

Adair County Fair and Horse Show

If you’re not into personality contests, no need to fret. You can watch or join more thrilling and fun activities like the Rodeo and the Donkey Races.

3. The Food

What’s a fair without some food? Enjoy a wide selection of yummy, comfort food from all the fair vendors stationed on the grounds. This is a great chance to scarf down some juicy hotdog and drink ice cold lemonade while going around.

And don’t forget the barbecue! All the activities start with a welcoming and friendly barbecue on the first day, complete with a live band that’ll play awesome tunes while you’re there. This is the perfect way to meet some locals and enjoy their delicious dishes.

4. The Derby

Young or old, you can now enjoy seeing some awesome set of wheels get beaten and smashed in this county fair’s Demolition Derby. Watch four different categories battle it out in their arena: small cars, big cars, no weld small cars, and no weld big cars. This is really a great, adrenaline-filled attraction for the adults!

Not only is it a great show to watch but they even have their own version for the little kids. Kids Power Derby lets children ages 3 to 10 ride their own kiddie cars and battle each other by popping their opponent’s balloon. Now, that’s what I call some fantastic fun!

By joining in on the fun here at Iowa, you’re not only getting some great country fair experience; but you’re also helping others out. The Adair County Fair recently launched its foundation that aims to provide better education and facilities to their youth and community. So, if there’s one more reason to join this fair, it’s because it’s all made of big ol’ country love.

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