A day spent in Adair County fair

A day spent in Adair County fair

Adair country fair, my own experience.

The next Adair country fair is still a few months away, but the buzz has already started to roll, well why not, The fair is one of the best when it comes to fun., I still remember this year fair held from July 19-23 in 2017.when I took my grandma for the first time, she still talks about the fair and wants to visit there next year also.

When can you visit again?

The next fair is about to start from July 18 – 22. 2018, in GREENFIELD, IOWA and the schedule is already out.

What can you expect every year?

Well,I have been attending, the fair from last 5 years and let me tell you that each year brings some new creativity, No matter if you are a kid or adult, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Here is what I love about the fair-

>Livestock show 

>Veterans clubs 

>Various sports

>sewing and Quilters clubs 

>Poultry competition 

>barrel racing

>Horse races 

>Tractor Pull 

>Demolition car derby 

>fried food, candy- bats 

Drum stick-fried butter and many more.A day spent in Adair County fair

Prices are also affordable Surely, the prices of the fair are really basic and affordable the normal tent price for camping was$15 when we tent this year per night, also fair vendor price is $25 for county residents and $75 for out of county residents, for other prices you can check the fair website. click here for more details.

What should you wear?

A visit to the Adair fair is really great in June, but with an extra probability of summer thunderstorms, summer sun or a heavy rain can make you think about the clothes unless you are an elected official or a wannabe, a casual country cloth is advisable, the young females can wear general cowboy boots to enjoy the night concerts.Well, dress the

way you like.

You can also visit other tourist attractions near the fair

There are other tourist attractions near the fair like Iowa aviation museum, which is located one mile north of Greenfield.we visited that one time this year.also warren cultural center is also great it also has an auditorium, art gallery, also few rooms rent-able for the stay.

Enjoy the Bright days and starry nights

The fair is great for everyone, come and join the party with your friends and connect with the community, Nights are shiny with coloring lights, campfire and night music.For many people Adair country fair is a great highlight of summer, from free barbeques to crazy competitions,everything is just created for fun. for further details, visit : http://local.aarp.org/event/adair-county-fair-2017-07-19-greenfield-ia.html

Why I visit each year?

There are tons of daily in the festival, from free music to live shows, and extra activities, .Guest can able to find everything they look for, the fair is for both outdoor and indoor celebration, which both young and old can enjoy. You can drink the beer with your friends, paint the memory with the pictures.Whether you want to do a post them on Instagram or take them with you, the fair is welcoming for everyone

Few last words

Bring some smile, patience, appetite, dancing shoes and your freedom, this fair is the adventure you won’t forget

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